Edit qcow2 or raw image files offline using virt-edit

Sometimes I need to edit files inside qcow2 or raw image, but for some reason I don’t want to launch the image in KVM or in Openstack cloud. The image can be edited offline using virt-edit tool.

Installing libguestfs-tools (provides virt-edit):

[root@tuxfixer ~]# yum install libguestfs-tools

Editing files inside image, examples:

[root@tuxfixer ~]# virt-edit image.img /etc/hosts
[root@tuxfixer ~]# virt-edit image.qcow2 /etc/hosts

Note: the format of the disk image (raw|qcow2) is auto-detected.

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One thought on “Edit qcow2 or raw image files offline using virt-edit

  1. Leroy Tennison January 28, 2016 at 21:27

    Thank you, it couldn’t have been more timely, resolved a significant problem for me.

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