Download Kali Linux OpenStack KVM qcow2 image by

Kali Linux Openstack KVM qcow2 image by
Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. Kali Linux can run natively when installed on a computer’s hard disk, can be booted from a live CD or live USB, or it can run as KVM virtual machine or OpenStack instance using qcow2 image.

Below you can purchase Kali Linux OpenStack / KVM 64bit qcow2 Image Bundle of ready to use images based on Kali Linux ISO with preinstalled Metapackages.

Bundle includes two groups of images: cloud-init based images (including -ci suffix) with passwordless SSH access using key-pair and dedicated user – ideal for OpenStack platform, and non cloud-init images with standard, password based SSH access, dedicated both for OpenStack and KVM.

Kali 2020.1 OpenStack / KVM Image Bundle (8 images)

image name image size metapackages
kali-linux-light-2020.1-amd64-ci.qcow2 1.8 GB kali-linux-light
kali-linux-light-2020.1-amd64.qcow2 1.8 GB kali-linux-light
kali-linux-default-2020.1-amd64-ci.qcow2 4.9 GB kali-linux-default
kali-linux-default-2020.1-amd64.qcow2 4.9 GB kali-linux-default
kali-linux-top10-2020.1-amd64-ci.qcow2 3.1 GB kali-linux-top10
kali-linux-top10-2020.1-amd64.qcow2 3.1 GB kali-linux-top10
kali-linux-large-2020.1-amd64-ci.qcow2 7.0 GB kali-linux-large
kali-linux-large-2020.1-amd64.qcow2 7.0 GB kali-linux-large

Bundle price (incl. 8 images): $5.00

Common details for all images in the bundle:

  • os-release: 2020.1
  • GUI: Xfce
  • filesystem: ext4 / LVM
  • NIC_1: DHCP
  • minimum flavor requirements: 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 20GiB HDD

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