Download Trisquel Linux OpenStack KVM qcow2 image by

Download Trisquel GNU/Linux OpenStack KVM qcow2 image by
Trisquel GNU/Linux is an elegant and lightweight Linux distribution, derived from Ubuntu, which uses fully free software system without proprietary software or firmware. Trisquel uses modified kernel from Ubuntu distribution, with the non-free code removed and is listed by the Free Software Foundation as a distribution that contains only free software.

Below you can find Trisquel GNU/Linux OpenStack/KVM 64bit qcow2 image based on Trisquel Mini 7.0 x86_64 release.

Download link:

Image name Size md5sum
Trisquel GNU/Linux Mini 7.0 x86_64 qcow2 1.0 GB c3e68abc448486146fd8d7858660520a

Image details:

regular user (login/pass): trisquel/leuqsirt (access: SSH, local, sudo)
super-user (login/pass): root/toor (access: local)
os-release: 7.0 (Belenos)
Additional packages: openssh-server

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